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There are various ways available to mask the problem.  However, you and your family deserve the best of them all. Our state of the art system allows quick elimination of stubborn odors at the source, providing you a fresh and clean environment. Which leaves you feeling invigorated, bright and serene. So give it a first-hand try to the most modern way of decent home living and more.   

A Rental Air® treatment means the previous owner and his odors have been completely removed from the home. This gives a boost of confidence that a buyer and the family have a healthy and safe atmosphere to live in.

Rental Air Solutions® was designed to transform the housing industry using cover-ups to mask odors rather than solve the problem at the source. Every buyer purchasing a home treated by Rental Air ensures the family will breathe a healthier living environment.

Rental Air® destroys microbiological contaminates including bacteria, mold, spores and viruses . Our system cleanses the air by deep penetration of the surface and ultimately targeting and eliminating the source of the odor. And leaves behind zero residue. 

Rental Air’s® patented technology developed in 2005 uses high speed, eco-friendly and lightweight portable generators. They are designed to reach great distances horizontally, vertically and laterally; to reduce HVAC pollutants, eradicate odors and restore homes to pinnacle cleanliness within a few hours.

Thank you for your consideration of this amazing technology service. You can be assured that my staff and I will always be available to assist you and your clients with a knowledge base and tools to render the best possible outcome.
                            GaryBailey, MSN. RN. CEO

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