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Fighting Covid-19 Together

Minimize the risk of transmission and infection

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     Breathing Safe in Difficult Times

Effectively Inactivated !

March 19.2020


While the world seems to be spinning out of control around us, it is time we take

back ownership of those things that are within our power to control. RentalAir's®

technology RECLAIMS IN-PERSON SHOWINGS from virtual tour trends. 

Experts have now determined the COVID-19  can remain active for up to several days. The good news is that the "virus can be effectively inactivated" upon contact with Chlorine Dioxide treatment within one hour. Guaranteed!


Sanitizing the air of all cabin spaces is where RentalAir's®  patented process and  powerful treatments step up your cleaning regime. The treatments, that are turbojet powered with Chlorine Dioxide gas, help mitigate this problem by generating a dry, hygienic gas which fills the facility interior and penetrates deeply into all surfaces. The gas rapidly dissipates after dispersion, allows for the safe and rapid re-entry into a clean, contaminant-free environment    


 Destroys all microbial life including bacteria, molds, viruses and their spores.


Chlorine Dioxide Gas is a residue-free, dry gas sanitation method that is capable of penetrating into crevices further than pathogens can hide. RentalAir's® high speed turbojet generators obtain an effective outcome within a couple of hours, regardless of the interior cabin space size.  


Not Business as Usual

We will have family potlucks again soon. And we will have softball games, parades and concerts in the park.  For now, though, we must adapt to this new environment as COVID-19 drastically changes the way we in the Real Estate industry live and work. 

While the situation changes daily, remain vigilant, take all the steps to disinfect and maintain a healthy living experience for customers.


For your Texas clients, now, more than ever, is the time for you to reassure them that you are doing everything possible to ensure cleanliness and safety.

For you,clean air enhances outcomes for your business by reducing market time and appreciating higher value for your clients.                                                                                                          

                                             Gary Bailey, MSN, BSN, RN, CEO   

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